Spending a whole day working and stressing, all you need at the end of the day is a good night's sleep. It is very important to relieve the daily stress and relax. Nobody wants to take the stress to bed. To leave your worries behind and dive into a good night's sleep, one of the many solutions is meditation before going to bed. Meditation requires certain settings, like being in a peaceful place with the least disturbance, wearing the most comfortable clothes, etc.

What came to mind when you heard 'wearing comfortable clothes before bed'? We know you are thinking about your comfy cotton pajama pants. A wardrobe staple that helps you in sleeping well. 

What makes your pajamas so comfy? It's a meticulously picked fabric made of super soft and durable fibers. Do you know which is the best-in-class fiber for your pajamas? The answer is here. It is the Pima cotton fiber. Let's read further to know more about Pima Cotton fibers.

Pima Cotton 

Pima cotton is a cotton fiber that is exceptionally soft and specially marked to have extra long fibers. It belongs to the group of cotton fibers that are considered Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton. The fibers of Pima Cotton go beyond 34 millimeters in length. 

Its Origin

Its origin is dated back to the 1790s. It was developed for the first time by cross-pollinating it with Egyptian cotton and cultivated by the native American tribe of Arizona- Pima tribe, hence the name Pima Cotton.

Benefits of Pima Cotton 

Benefits of Pima Cotton

The experiment of developing a high-quality fiber that is not only soft but also equally strong was a success. The resultant cotton fiber of this cross-pollination- Pima cotton, was of exceptionally high quality with superior strength and softness. And that's the reason why it became the first choice for cotton textile manufacturers around the globe.

The improved quality cotton fiber has so many beneficial attributes. A few of them are listed below-  

  • Extra long staple fibers- It helps the fabric to pill less and frays less
  • Satisfying Smoothness- Gives it a luxurious touch
  • Gladdening Softness- Provides relaxing comfort in wearing 
  • Strong fibers for durability- These help the fabric to maintain its shape and structure 
  • Breathability-Unique moisture-breaking quality enhances ventilation through garments
  • Quick drying- The handling of fabric becomes easy
  • Good absorbent- Any fabric with high absorbency becomes skin-friendly, especially for those who sweat a lot. 
  • Excellent color retention-It allows the designers to go wild with vibrant colors and to keep the dullness away.
Why do we use Pima Cotton for Pajamas?

Why do we use Pima Cotton for Pajamas?

Our mission, "To help men unwind feeling their best," is the answer to this question. All the above qualities make Pima cotton the most suitable fabric for men's pajamas. Pajamas that aren't low quality, unflattering, uninspiring, or simply boring. 

Considered one of the finest cotton fibers, it provides what we stand for - the best feeling for men. And that best feeling comes when you move away from the hustle- bustle of your daily life and slip into the soft and comforting pajamas during your cozy hours. Pajamas or sleep pants made of Pima cotton feel flattering on your skin. After all, what are pajamas for? 

Our promise of high-quality men's sleepwear is best kept with Pima cotton, as it offers the ultimate durability in fabrics which is our priority for you. The fine fibers give the pajamas ultimate smoothness so you can go carefree even in a rush. 

With its excellent color retention and wrinkle-resistant quality, Pima cotton provides an immense scope for introducing prints to the game. We have combined our inspiration with modern elements to bring unique prints that are fun and relaxing to wear.

Also, its high absorption and breathable fibers contribute to its high standard of skin-friendly. 

Comfort Should Not Come At The Cost Of Style

Over the years, the options for men's sleepwear have not changed. It's the same boring print and tiresome style. Now it's time to retire those boring pajamas. Why choose one when you can have both comfort and style? Modero has created high-quality sleepwear inspired by the modern man who must relax to prepare himself for the next day's hustle in this grinding world.

It uses the best materials, like Pima cotton, to make men's sleepwear. With the best craftsmanship available worldwide, it has designed its collection that emphasises style and functionality. It has a range of the comfiest sleepwear for men. Have you ordered those yet? No? Go, get your favourite mens cotton pajamas now!